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A Study in Grey Stripes

polyhymnia gene marie mundactyl
24 April
hi y'all. i'm poly, and i live with henrey, aka black ass. we are attended by the food bitch and the cleaning lady. i say they two separate peeps, but hank say they both the same. she, by the way, a human, whereas me and black ass be cats and we used to live with mungo,what claim to be a weasel/wolverine hybrid. i not know how that happen. he, possibly on account of weird genetics, did not live long. he died in oct 2003, at the very young age of 7. i hope to live much longer than that. i got nicknames: harriet tubcat, the wife of tub, girlfiend. i got boyfriends: Augustin of ban_gus, my southern gentleman humbucker, and the colonel. the last two be peeps, not cats. also, i very pretty and got megapaws that i could use lethal-like, as is my wont. additionally, i love all pork and pig product.
KEY: FB=Food Beeyatch, the woman what feed us.
BA=Black Ass, akaka Henrey (or Hank)
the weasel=Mungo

on the neopets, i am polycat181. not polycat, and not poly181! those are different people!

polycat181 got their Neopet at http://www.neopets.com

my catster ID http://www.catster.com/?59395
hank's ID http://www.catster.com/?59401

butter bagels are love
brought to you by the isLove Generator